Community Bridges Integrated Healthcare welcomes you to a new era in medicine, the era of comprehensive multi-disciplinary health care facilities and practitioners focusing on disease prevention, early detection, healthy lifestyle coaching, holistic as well as allopathic therapeutic options, nursing and integration of eastern and western modalities and provides office and mobile services.

Primary Care/Specialty Practitioner Agreement


ONLY the following services will require PAs from PCP authorized by CBM if referred to CBM Network Specialist:

ALL Surgery
Lab Tests listed on Website (non-routine)

ALL Ultra Sounds

Genetic Testing

ALL Cardiac Testing

All Doppler
Chemo and Radiation Therapy
Sleep Study (requires proof of life threatening medical necessity)
ALL Nuclear Testing

All services over 24 hours provided in ER Observation

All services require a CBM referral from PCP.  All the above services only, require authorization/approval from CBM if referred to CBM Network Specialist.

NO Urgent Care PA will be required for CBM Network Urgent Cares.

Questions?  Please call 734.347.1462 or www.communitybridgesihc.com


Revised and Effective 04/22/2012

CBM IPA-Oakland Health Plan

  • Psychotropic medications are provided under the FFS benefit and must be prescribed by a State authorized mental health provider. (Refer to the MDCH Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) website for a list of psychotropic drug classes to be billed to MDCH. Refer to the Directory Appendix for website information.) The list of drugs covered under the carveout is updated as necessary. Drugs are added and deleted on a regular basis so it is imperative that the provider review this website frequently.


  • Injectable drugs used in clinics or physician offices.

Birth control is to go through an local agency like community health, the health department, or planned parenthood.

CBM Medical Director Theodore Densley M.D.

Theodore Densley M.D.Theodore Densley, MD practices as an Internist in Detroit, MI. Dr. Densley graduated from Pennsylvania State University's College Of Medicine.

You can get family planning services or breast & cervical cancer screening services. Call Oakland County Health Division, North at (248) 858-1280 or Oakland County Health Division, South at (248) 424-7000. These services do not require prior authorization.



Ibraham Ahmed - RN, Naturopath & Board Certified Acupuncturist


Ibraham Ahmed N.D., R.N. P.Ac.,A.D.S. Naturopath and Board Certified Acupuncturist presents an Honorary Black Belt Rank Certificate to Keynote speaker Dr. John Gray (left) and also pictured (right) Ibraham Ahmed presenting an award to Michigan Surgeon General Kimberly Dawn Wisdom M.D. after her talk on fitness and obesity at The World Health Fitness and Wellness Expo.

Seasonal Health Bulletin

Hay Fever -- Allergic Rhinitis

Commonly known as hay fever, allergic rhinitis is inflammation of the lining of the nose. This is triggered by environmental allergens such as house dust, molds, dust mites, cockroaches, pollens and pet dander.

When your upper respiratory tract (the area from your nose to your lungs) is exposed to the offending parties, your immune system steps up, producing antibodies to eradicate them. Antibodies, made in the lymph nodes, release protective chemicals called histamines, which in turn cause the inflammation that leads to your uncomfortable symptoms. Common symptoms of allergic rhinitis, which can occur during any season of the year include itchy eyes, scratchy throat, stuffy nose and endless bouts of sneezing.

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